New EC TV Spot created by Methodist University in Sao Paulo

The Methodist University in Sao Paulo, which has instituted a Sustainability Program which is in the process of integrating the Earth Charter into their curricula, has just created a new animated video trailer clip that was inspired by the Earth Charter.  The main character, Victor is confronted with the ethical dilemma of whether to continue to live in the ever so rapidly depleting, unsustainable world that is dark and polluted and full of destruction, or choosing to step over to the “greener,” more sustainable way of life where everybody lives in harmony with nature. It serves as a great depiction of how, by portraying both sides of the coin, so to speak, can illustrate the kinds of sustainable, responsible citizens the Earth Charter can help guide us into.

Since it is just the trailer to the film, we will just have to wait and see which side Victor chooses when the movie comes is released. Stay tuned!