New “Ecological Literacy” book

The book “Ecological Literacy” has just been published in Portuguese by Editora Instituto Conhecimento Liberta, which is part of the Territories and Environment Collection. With free distribution, the book discusses the cognitive abysses that separate us from understanding what the environment is, seeking to break with the hegemonic forms of a mental model that has acted in the destruction of life on a large scale.

Mixing writing and videos, as a way of achieving a more systemic and deeper spectrum of understanding, authors Waverli Maia Matarazzo-Neuberger and Suzana Vaz present an invitation to understand where we are and the way we conceptualize and actually live with nature. From this, the invitation is extended to develop a new vision of enchantment with life, bringing the best of science and ancestral cultures, in rescuing our role on the planet as part of the community of life.

In the final part, the book is dedicated to presenting paths such as Active Hope, Agroecology and the Earth Charter, which are fundamental to guide this rescue at this time.

If you are interested in the topic, download the book here and share it with your networks and use it in your activities.

The authors:

Waverli Maia Matarazzo-Neuberger is a biologist, master and doctor in zoology from USP. She is a specialist in Sustainability Education from Schumacher College, in Cultural Biology from Escuela Matriztica de Santiago and in Theory U from the Presencing Institute. She was coordinator of the Sustainability Center and professor at the Methodist University of São Paulo and Secretary of the Environment of Santo André́ (1993-1996). She is a professor at ICL – Instituto Conhecimento Liberta in the Environment and Sustainability, Ecological Literacy and Earth Stories courses. She is part of the faculty of the UNESCO Chair in Education for Sustainability with the Earth Charter and is an Advisor to the Earth Charter International.

Suzana Vaz is a biologist, with a master’s and doctorate in genetics and evolutionary biology from UFRJ and USP, where she worked for 20 years in academic research; Today she has worked for 8 years as a consultant and coordinator of ecological restoration, reforestation, technical assistance and rural extension and agroecology projects. She is a professor at ICL in Agroecology courses; Environment and Sustainability and Ecological Literacy.