NEW: Five short videos on People's voice on Rio+20

Five new videos interviews were developed to present the opinion of different stakeholders about the importance of Rio +20, their expectations and suggestions to have a successful and productive process in Rio next year. The voices of the inverviewers is focused on the People’s Summit that is envisioned to take place in June 2012.

The interviews were conducted during the first preparatory meeting of Rio +20 Peoples’ Summit, held in Rio de Janeiro from 30 June to 2 July 2011.

Following you will find a list of the videos and the interviewers with the option to see it in Portuguese only or with English Subtitles. The subtitles in English were done by a volunteer, we apologize for problems with their quality, nonetheless we are grateful to have the videos translated so that the voices represented can be disseminated to more people around the world.

People’s Voices Part 1 
English Sub-titles – Part 1
Portuguese only – Part 1

– Marcos Arruda, PACS Institute
– Adriana Charoux, IDEC – Brazilian Institute for Consumer Defense
– Sheila Ceccon, Paulo Freire Institute
– Pedro Telles, Vitae Civilis Institute
– Alba Rodrigues, GAO
– Nair Jani, World March of Women 

People’s Voices Part 2
English Sub-titles – Part 2
Portuguese only – Parte 2

– Muriel Saragoussi, Oxfam
– Rubens Born, Vitae Civilis Institute
– Mariana Santana, Gambá – Environmentalist Group of Bahia
– Kika – Brazilian Women’s movement and Afro movement 

People’s Voices Part 3
English Sub-titles – Part 3
Portuguese only – Parte 3

– Audalice Otterloo, ABONG, the Brazilian NGOs Association
– Francisco Biazini, GAO
– Thomaz Enlazador
– Luis Felipe, Rio Eco Consciente
– Edna Santos Arrais, CESRJ, the Spiritual Council of Rio de Janeiro 

People’s Voices Part 4
English Sub-titles – Part 4  
Portuguese only – Parte 4

– Gabriela, Student of Cinema
– Abdulai Sani Aleisso, Brotherhood of Creole African Muslim
– Isis de Palma, Ágora Institute
– Beloyanis Monteiro, Abong, Brazilian NGOs Association and the SOS Mata Atlantica Foundation. 

People’s Voices Part 5
English Sub-titles – Part 5
Portuguese only – Parte 5

– Pedro Ivo, Alternativa Terrazul Association
– Maria Cristina Vailannt Viera, Minas Gerais Institute for Nature Conservation
– Maria dos Santos, African Descendants of Brazil Association .
– Gustavo Marín
– Sean, from the Acre region

A video to invite civil society from all over the world to take part in the People’s Summit was also made. The hope is that it will engage more people to join in the discussions. Click here to see it: With English Sub-titles    /  Click here to see In Portuguese only

The videos were made on a voluntary basis by ProPlaneta in collaboration with the Earth Charter International.