New Online Course: Ethics in Urban Sustainable Development

Cities CourseEthics in Urban Sustainable Development: Through the Lenses of the Earth Charter

‘Under the pressure of the current global situation, cities have the ability to make the necessary innovations and improvements. Cities can lead us to new prosperity. In order to achieve this, we must recognize the urgency to change our ways and be prepared to make better choices. It is necessary that we deploy a robust set of social, cultural, ecological and economic values by using the Earth Charter Initiative as our guidance.’  – Earth Charter Cities Manifesto

The Earth Charter Center for Education for Sustainable Development, in collaboration with World of Walas, offers this course in which the Earth Charter is used as a central feature. The Earth Charter is a universal expression of ethical principles to foster sustainable development. The purpose of Earth Charter Cities Manifesto is to help communities, cities, colleges and companies to implement the Earth Charter.

This Earth Charter course is meant to prepare city officials, local government executives, managers, planners, urban practitioners or decision makers, as well as urban experts and community leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to take urban sustainability practices to higher levels by using the Earth Charter and the Earth Charter Cities Manifesto frameworks.

This facilitated online course costs US$499 (Early Bird and group discount are applicable) and takes place from 21 April to 5 June 2020.

You can find more information and apply online here.

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