New partnership celebrating the month of the Earth

We are proud to announce a new partnership between AnimalConcepts and Earth Charter International. AnimalConcepts is an organization dedicated to caring for animals and the people that care for them. They are a true believer in respect and care for the community of life. AnimalConcepts refers to the Earth Charter as an ethical foundation in their global collaborations with an underlying commitment to sustainability, working in many developing nations, capacity building, and academic publications.

Sabrina Brando, director of AnimalConcepts recognizes many different aspects in environmental science, research, animal care and welfare, human health care, and well-being, as symptoms of systems that are not functioning optimally.

The systems approach of the principles of the Earth Charter is a great match to the work of AnimalConcepts, as part of the work is focusing on the importance of identifying symptoms to make long term changes through the change of systems, without losing from sight the importance of action in the here and now, while working on long-term plans and solutions. AnimalConcepts will use the Earth Charter as an ethical guide in their work to provide professional and specialist services and events dedicated to animal care and welfare as well as the well-being of people who care for animals. They will also apply the principles in their work of uniting world-leading animal and human well-being organizations to improve and sustain well-being with compassion, integrity, and science globally.

We are looking forward to this collaboration as it will create multiple opportunities for animal caretakers to provide them with tools to understand and implement ethics in their line of work and to turn conscience into action for a thriving Earth.