New Podcast episode with Tu Weiming on Confucianism, the Earth Charter and Ecological Civilization!

In this episode, Mirian Vilela talks with special guest, Tu Weiming, one of the most influential Confucian thinkers of the 20th and 21st centuries and his role in contributing to the drafting of the Earth Charter. They discuss some of the key tenants of Confucianism, how Asian philosophies correspond with the Earth Charter, and building an Ecological Civilization. 

Confucianism places a high importance on moral education, character building and emphasizes the interconnectedness of all things. The never-ending process of learning to be human is the most important core value of Confucianism. Tu views the idea of the Earth Charter and civilizational dialogue as a new way of learning to be human by broadening one’s horizons and expanding relationships. It shows us a new vision of what humanity ought to be. 

One of the main similarities that Tu Weiming sees between the Earth Charter and Confucianism is the development of self and its interconnection with the rest of humanity and nature. The Earth is an integral part of the self and is not separate from the individual. Tu Weiming sees the Earth Charter’s importance in recognizing Indigenous People and their way of interacting with the world and that humans are only one part of the greater Earth and cosmos.