New programme: International Law, Global Governance, and EC principles

“International Law, Global Governance, and Earth Charter principles” is a one-week intensive course to be held from July 3rd to 7th, 2013 at the EC Center in Costa Rica.

This programme will offer participants the opportunity to analyse the different juridical instruments related to sustainable development and how these relate and overlap with the ethical principles expressed in the Earth Charter. The role and influence of soft law instruments will be analysed in light of global governance processes. The course examines the system of environmental law (at international, European Union, and national levels) with its normative principles (sustainability, justice, human rights) and institutional arrangements (civil society, governments, and international organisations). Among the subjects covered are structure and principles of international environmental law, history and ethics of sustainability, status and principles of the Earth Charter, reform of the UN governance system, and the role of democracy, citizens, and civil society.

Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of current environmental law and governance, and how these could be relevant for sustainability governance systems in their national contexts; in this sense, they will learn how to become agents for change, personally and professionally.

This programme will bring together professionals in law, environmental planning and science, policy makers, researchers and students of international law and governance, with respect to sustainability and the natural environment.

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