Newly formed EC Youth Task Force looks for volunteers

12. c. Honor and support the young people of our communities, enabling them to fulfill their essential role in creating sustainable societies.

On Tuesday, May 24, 2011, the Earth Charter Youth continued the discussion on forming an EC Youth Task Force (see an earlier article on the formation here).

In this open online meeting the group agreed on following guiding statements for the Task Force:

  • Vision
    Armed with unity of vision, thought and action, the Earth Charter Youth spearheads actions of change towards sustainable development in building a global community where we preserve nature and take charge of our own intellectual and social progress.
  • Mission
    The mission of the Earth Charter Youth Task Force is to help youth everywhere to be aware of, to read, to understand, to be inspired, to endorse, to spread and to enact the vision, values and principles expressed in the Earth Charter.

The group also drafted 10 tangible goals that the EC Youth Task Force would aim to reach by the end of 2012. The ambitious goals, that are still being revised, can be found in this document.


Sign up to volunteer in the Earth Charter Youth Task Force!

Now Youth Task Force is looking for volunteers to start taking actions. The activism will focus on following areas of work:

Spreading the Earth Charter

1. Technical (website, social media sites, social networking, widgets, etc.)
2. Communications (blogging, copy-writing, graphic design, videography, newsletter)
3. Outreach (online via website and social media, and offline via posters, workshops, gatherings, events)
4. Campaigns (research on various EC-related issues, article writing, online/offline organizing/campaigning)
5. Partnership (networking, event co-organizing, content)

Networking, collaboration and action

6. Volunteer management (roles definition, recruitment, placement, engagement, regional coordinators, theme coordinators: such as climate change, poverty, etc)
7. Community management (endorsers network(ing), monthly e-meetup, etc.)
8. Projects (EC-specific, local projects, project support, documentation, campaign/competition, capacity-building)
9. Gatherings e-conferences (communications, engagement, execution, post-conference follow-up) and online courses (recruitment, engagement)


10. Funding (budgeting, grant-writing, annual report) for Task Force needs

The aim is to have one coordinator for each of these 10 different working areas. Each of the areas will also welcome a group of volunteers that will support the work of the responsible coordinator.

If you are interested in volunteering for the international Earth Charter Youth Task Force:

After June 20th each group decides who will be the group coordinator. Each coordinator will commit to serve for a one year.

When do we meet again?
Next EC Youth Task Force meeting will take place on Tuesday, June 21st. It will take place online at 3pm GMT, for two hours. All interested are welcome!

Meanwhile, engage into discussion either here or on the Facebook page! And remember to sign up for a Task Force!