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Event on the Green economy in Azerbaijan

Earth Charter’s Affiliate in Azerbaijan co-organized an event on the Green Economy in early August, 2013. The main objective of the ecological camp on the Green Economy was to raise awareness of environmental protection, the ecological benefits of applying non-waste and low-waste technologies, and study the role of youth in reducing harmful effects of economic development to the environment.

The opening ceremony of the Green Economy project was held in the Gala State Ethnographic Reserve with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan, Ichari Shahar State Historical-Architectural Museum, IDEA campaign, Natural Sciences Public Union, Modern Marketing Group, Earth Charter International, and the Greens Club of IRELI Public Union on August 2nd 2013.

The guest of the first panel was Surxay Novruzov, projects coordinator of IDEA campaign. Surxay Novruzov held presentation on a subject “Waste management”. He provided the extensive information to the participants of the project about reducing waste products, recycling, sorting, concepts of firm household garbage, and ecological bases of waste management. The next panel featured Rovsen Akberov, chairman of Natural Sciences Public Union, who offered a presentation titled “Nature and Efficient Technology”. During the presentation he spoke about technologies in nature.

Khayala Mammadova, the representative of the National Affiliate of Earth Charter International conducted another panel about the Earth Charter Initiative and its activities. She also discussed analyses and the consolidation of principles of the green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication that have been prepared by members of the Earth Charter Initiative. She also led a musical therapy session for the participants to increase emotional response and impact individualized imagination on nature and ecological issues.

The event also organized an excursion for participants to the SOCAR Ecological Park. The participants received extensive information about different types of plants, greenhouse plant production, bio-ecological features of the park, and cultivation methods. They also learned about the history of the Eco-park, the reason for its creation, about its different branches of production and infrastructure, its wind generators, solar batteries, and other technologies. Further panels of the event were held in the Gala State Ethnographic Reserve. There, the participants were divided into three teams and introduced to interesting projects over two hours. The participants were awarded certificates at the end of the event.

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Earth Charter youth network wants to expand in Europe!

An example of an European Earth Charter effort:

In March 2011 the Earth Charter International along with the Earth Charter Youth Team organizes a one-day online conference to inform the European youth organizations and individual activists on the Earth Charter and its usefulness as an educational instrument when building a more just, sustainable and peaceful world.

So far some 100 organizations have joined the Earth Charter youth network from Europe and Central Asia. In addition, there are 16 official Earth Charter Youth and Student Groups (ECYG) in 16 European and Central Asian countries.

ECYGs are action-oriented societies, networks, or organizations that bring alive the vision of the Earth Charter in the local and/or national communities. The youth study the declaration, get inspired by it and then organize small action projects on sustainability.

Youth in Europe promote the Earth Charter by

  • organizing events where they present the declaration
  • translating the document
  • informing other organizations on it
  • training people on sustainable development and ways of living.

National Earth Charter Websites in Europe and CA:

Finland | Germany | Greece | Italy | Latvia Norway | Russia |

From the related articles below, one can see some examples of the European Earth Charter youth activism.

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First Earth Charter Affiliate in Azerbaijan

Inspired by the vision and values of the Earth Charter, at the very beginning of the 2010, the “IRELI” Public Union” , a wide civil society network in the Republic of Azerbaijan, became the first national ECI Affiliate in this country. Founded in December 2008 on the basis of the Countrywide Youth Movement, the IRELI Public Union is one of the most massive and active non-governmental organisations in Azerbaijan.

One of the main goals of IRELI is the development of a new sustainable lifestyle in Azerbajani citizens, teach people to respect national values, language and history. They believe that only spiritual and ethical criteria based on national values and rules will be able to guarantee the complete and comprehensive development of every member of the society. The organisation wants to see responsible state officials, students and property owers who are true to their values.

As representatives of many young people of the contemporary Azerbaijan, IRELI believes in consistent educational efforts that ensure the informed and active participation of young people in building a just, peaceful and sustainable society. Being aware of their responsibility for what is done today and relying on our national-spiritual roots, they want to see their society based on what has already been achieved in sustainable development.

IRELI is planning to realize joint activities and projects to share with others the Earth Charter vision, values and principles. The projects are planned to be undertaken on a local and national level.

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Interns from a Finnish University

Earth Charter International is grateful to have three full-time interns, Samira, Veronika and Volodymyr. Samira and Volodymyr are from the Finnish University of Jyväskylä and conducting for 6 months long internships whereas Veronika is going to spend a year in Costa Rica. All interns are doing highly valuable work, such as translations, collecting Earth Charter stories for EC +10 reports and Annual Reports.

Samira Aghabayova
Samira is from Azerbaijan. She has been living in Finland for the past two years, before this she spent one year doing European Voluntary Service. Currently she is a student in the Master’s Programme in Development and International Cooperation at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, majoring in education. As part of her Master’s programme she is doing an internship at the Earth Charter Center for Sustainable Development. Her background and interest in education for sustainable development, combined with her language skills and desire to become part of the Earth Charter network, inspired her to join this community. She is certain that the opportunity of working at the Earth Charter will give her essential practical experience.

Volodymyr Motyrov
Volodymyr of Ukraine is a Master’s degree student in Intercultural Communication at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. For a long time he has been interested in learning about different cultures and the variety of ways in which peoples of the Earth interact with each other. He has a keen interest in child rights, education for sustainable development, special needs education, and sustainable development. He did an internship in UNICEF at the Department of Child Rights Education in 2008. Later, he went to a summer school in Sustainable Development: “Youth Encounter on Sustainability” and during his last academic semester did a study exchange at the University of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he followed courses in special needs education.

Veronika Georgieva
Veronika holds a Master’s degree in Marketing from Mari State Technical University in Russia, and she has lived and worked in Russia, Europe and now in Central America. Veronika is currently doing a one-year internship in the Earth Charter International Secretariat. Since her internship started, Veronika became passionate about Sustainable Development and environmental issues. Also Veronika came to ECI Secretariat from Finland where she was working for a year before moving to Costa Rica.

The work of interns is very important for the small secretariat and we are happy to continue receiving master’s students from the University of Jyväskylä. Two new inters will start in March when Samira and Volodymyr will finish their duties with the ECI secretariat.

Thank you, kiitos, Samira, Veronika and Volodymyr!

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Several new Earth Charter national websites are online

The Earth Charter International is pleased to announce the creation of several new national Earth Charter websites. Making basic information on the Earth Charter available in as many languages as possible is a key part of the ECI strategy. The purpose is to reach out to individuals and groups in different parts of the world in their own language. We are happy that the following new EC countries are ready:





We invite you to share this information with groups and individuals that might be interested in this.

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