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Earth Charter awareness session in Burundi

The RCP (Réseau des Citoyens Probes), an ECI Affiliate in Burundi, organized the first information dissemination session about the Earth Charter in this country on December 19th, 2012.

The activity was held at the headquarters of the Reinforcement of Civil Society Forum (FORSC), an umbrella organization for civil society in Burundi. Eleven people attended the event, among them three journalists.

In his introduction, Mr. Vital Nshimirimana, President of RCP, talked about the history of the Earth Charter, its drafting process, and its recognition today as an important educational tool for sustainable development.

He also explained what the Earth Charter Initiative is and what the affiliation of RCP to the Earth Charter International means.

Some questions were raised on the relevance and the added value of the Earth Charter to existing international instruments regarding human rights, governance, environment, education, and gender, among others.

There were also questions about the impact of the Earth Charter in the national context in Burundi and how the RCP will integrate the Earth Charter Principles in its activities.

Answers were provided using the guidelines available at the Earth Charter Web site and different publications that explain the content of the Earth Charter and its significance for different groups. It was recommended, nonetheless, to organize more information sessions and to involve the media and government officials.

Although it was not possible to have more people participating, mostly because the meeting was held during working hours, one radio station (CCIB FM+) and an online journal (Net Press) reported on the event.

Find in this link the news report from Net Press (in French).

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New article from Burundi on combating corruption

Vital Nshimirimana, the CEO of the Burundi Bar Association and coordinator of the Résau de citoyenes probes, ECI Affiliate in Burundi, recently published an article titled “Earth Charter in Combating Corruption“.

In Burundi, Vital has been working intensively to raise awareness about the consequences of corruption, both in rural communities and at the national level. 

In this article, he argues that “corruption is one of the main obstacles for many to meet the minimum requirements for their livelihoods… it is a threat to world’s peace and security and it undermines the enjoyment of fundamental human rights, the environment and sustainable development.”

The article affirms “that the Earth Charter offers an ethical response likely to contribute in combating corruption and its awful consequences”. Giving educational opportunities to youth, educators, and policy makers, among others, on ethics and sustainability, it will be possible to raise awareness about the costs of corruption and the importance of tackling it to move towards a more sustainable future.

Read the article here.

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The Earth Charter in Kirundi

The Earth Charter has been translated into Kirundi by Vital Nshimirimana, a University for Peace student from Burundi.

Kirundi is the official language of Burundi, and is also spoken in parts of Rwanda, Tanzania, and DRC Congo.  More than 15 million people speak this language.

For Vital, who is a CSO leader in Burundi, working at the “Réseau de Citoyens Probes” (Network of Honest Citizens), the Earth Charter is a relevant education tool, especially for a society going through a healing process after more than 15 years of deadly conflict.

Find in this link the Earth Charter translation into Kirundi.

And here the Earth Charter in many other languages.

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