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The Earth Charter in the Democratic Republic of Congo


Groupe Jeunesse Espoir (Youth Hope Group), founded in 2002, is a non-governmental organization run by young people and adults from different nationalities promoting youth integration in the decision-making process, as well as in the drafting of development policies in the Democratic Republic of Congo. GROUJES’s interdisciplinary vision is based on the belief that active youth involved in researching solutions to community problems can make a difference and eventually influence governmental action, especially in the fields of technology and sustainable development.

Besides their major goals, which are to facilitate youth to gain access to new communication and information technologies or campaigning for the implementation of genuine youth policies by the state, GROUJES is also committed to the promotion of Earth Charter principles and uses the Earth Charter as a soft law document and ethical framework. By infusing its moral and environmental values at the local (home), regional (community), and national (state) levels, GROUJES seeks to inspire in others a sense of global responsibility to help build a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.

Africa Technology Experience (‘Afritech Xp’), a major project of GROUJES, drew its inspiration from the four pillars of the Earth Charter to develop a programme that takes sustainable development criteria into account. Based on the observation that most of the industrialized countries over-consume high-tech products, Afritech Xp aims at raising awareness and informs actors from diverse backgrounds (developers, programmers, researches, students, etc.) on how to use these high- technology products in a more sustainable and eco-friendly manner. For that purpose, concepts such as eco-management or eco-responsibility are being promoted and explained, most notably through the implementation of four different sub-projects:

–    Relook Your Mobile ‘RYMOB’
–    TV Show ‘Eco-Geek’
–    243 Innov-Club
–    Recycle Now ‘REMA’   

Each of these projects aims to bring together major actors from the fields of technology and the environment as well as leaders of several youth organizations. Ultimately, the goal is to raise consciousness and reduce the generation of waste and pollution linked to the production and consumption of these products, while also improving access to information technologies for young people.

For more information, please visit the GROUJES and Afritech’s XP Web sites.

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Earth Charter introduced for the public on TV by a youth group in DRC

On February 1st in 2010, Radio Télévision Catholique Elikya (RTCE) a denominational owned media in Kinshasa, welcomed for a broadcast Mr. Yannick Mathieu MIDI and Mr. Mons Ndudi NZEMBA, the president and the program manager of the youth organization Groupe Jeunesse Espoir/GROUJES. The purpose of the invitation was to introduce the Earth Charter for the public.

This broadcasting was an excellent opportunity for the youth group to introduce the Earth Charter’s ethical vision for the audience.

The following information was included:

  • A short introduction to the Earth Charter;
  • The reason why Groupe Jeunesse Espoir is integrating the principles and the values of the Earth Charter;
  • The fundamental reason why the Earth Charter could be a source of inspiration for the DRC.

The prevailing arm conflict in the Eastern DRC has many complex dimensions (loss of biodiversity, massive corruption problem, disempowerment of the central government, etc.).

A very strong commitment to the values and some radical changes in thinking and acting, are absolutely essential in a rebuilding of a peaceful and sustainable nation.

From the left to the right, Mons NDUDI, Hugues (presenter), Yannnick M.MIDI
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Youth organization from DRC talking about the Earth Charter in TV

On January 12th in 2010, a youth organization called Groupe Jeunesse Espoir, based in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, organized a live broadcast session.

Mrs. Odia MALAÏKA, the presenter of Allo les Jeunes, interviewed the Groupe Jeunesse Espoir Programme manager Mr. Mons Ndudi NZEMBA. The Earth Charter is a source of inspiration of the local community and therefore it also played an important role in the broadcasting. The broadcasting session also served as an introduction to the Earth Charter.

Groupe Jeunesse Espoir’s goal is to work towards a community problem solving with the help of the Earth Charter principles.

The broadcast covered the following main areas:

  • An overview of the historical background of the Earth Charter Initiative;
  • A call for promoting sustainable living lifestyles;
  • A justification of the aim of to integrate the Earth Charter among the objectives of the youth organization.

A commitment to use the Earth Charter’s ethical vision for the time being is very important in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As a nation, the country is a victim of many impacts of armed conflicts, mainly in its Eastern provinces. The issue of the armed conflict is a very complex one; its impacts are wide; they are political, economical, biophysical and sociocultural. For instance, poaching, illicit trade networks and over-exploitation of natural resources in the protected areas, as well as the human suffering, are some of the impacts.

Groupe Jeunesse Espoir is making proposals to fully integrate the EC principles in the course of country’s actions. To achieve the set goals, community participation and the capacity to deal with the global issues and solutions, are essential. The main message the youth group wants to send to everyone is the urgent need for a radical change of thinking and acting. With some help of a good, grass root level management, some very important changes could be done. The responsibility of the environment and the well-being of the community belong to everyone.

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10 new Earth Charter Youth Groups!

ECI is happy to announce that 10 new Earth Charter Youth Groups have been created during May – July 2009!

Welcome aboard Earth Charter Youth Groups in:


Democratic Republic of Congo

The Gambia
ECYG Global Unification

ECYG Marburg

IMAAMI Foundation ECYG

ECYI Israel

ECYG Sokoto for Change

Papua New Guinea
Earth Charter Youth Committee PNG for Ecological & Economical Sustainability


ECI is very happy for this development and hopes to hear from several new youth lead action projects from all over the world soon.

Welcome to the Earth Charter youth network!

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