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Caretakers of the Environment International Conference

Caretakers for the Environment International (CEI) held its 2016 Conference in Denmark on 27 June to 2 July.

In this occasion, Fatima Almeida, ECI Affiliate from Portugal, led an Earth Charter workshop for 250 participants. It included a short talk about what is the Earth Charter, a group game and then participants drew their thoughts of a peaceful earth on a big long paper.

Taiwan had a big delegation of 31 teachers and students attending CEI 2016. ECI Affiliate in Taiwan, TESA, organized this delegation.  TESA’s student assistant made this video that gives a glance of how was CEI 2016 Conference.

Next year’s conference will take place in Oregon, USA.  We invite schools and teachers interested in intercultural experiences where sustainability is the focus, to participate in this Conference.  Find all information in their website:

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Earth Charter youth network wants to expand in Europe!

An example of an European Earth Charter effort:

In March 2011 the Earth Charter International along with the Earth Charter Youth Team organizes a one-day online conference to inform the European youth organizations and individual activists on the Earth Charter and its usefulness as an educational instrument when building a more just, sustainable and peaceful world.

So far some 100 organizations have joined the Earth Charter youth network from Europe and Central Asia. In addition, there are 16 official Earth Charter Youth and Student Groups (ECYG) in 16 European and Central Asian countries.

ECYGs are action-oriented societies, networks, or organizations that bring alive the vision of the Earth Charter in the local and/or national communities. The youth study the declaration, get inspired by it and then organize small action projects on sustainability.

Youth in Europe promote the Earth Charter by

  • organizing events where they present the declaration
  • translating the document
  • informing other organizations on it
  • training people on sustainable development and ways of living.

National Earth Charter Websites in Europe and CA:

Finland | Germany | Greece | Italy | Latvia Norway | Russia |

From the related articles below, one can see some examples of the European Earth Charter youth activism.

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