NGO in Pakistan is looking for your support

Kisan Bard Pakistan Environmental Department is an organization based in Lahore, Pakistan,  whose focus is on tree plantation, promoting renewable energy such as solar and bio gas, and doing solid waste management. They aim to generate awareness on the importance of protecting nature and sustainable lifestyles.

When they heard about the Earth Charter, they got excited because the values contained in this document resonated with the values and principles they are promoting. In this sense, they have been getting more and more involved in the Earth Charter Initiative.

 According to Abdul Aleem, project coordinator of Kisan Bard Pakistan, they are continually organizing tree plantation and environmental education campaigns especially in schools.  But, they want to do more, and so they need help.

There are two projects that they would like to carry out in Pakistan:

1. A Cycle rally called: “We Can Change Our Climate, Love Environment, and Love Trees”. The purpose of this rally will be to to create awareness about Global Warming through Tree plantation.  It will start from District Bahawalpur Lal Sohanra National Park (Punjab) to China border Gilgit, step by step approx (15-to-20 steps). The rally will start with a tree plantation and after completing all the steps, the activity will close with another tree plantation.   At least 5000 Trees will be planted during rally.

2. Print and distribute posters with environmental messages in Bus Terminals, College/University, Cory door and Canteen, Hostels, Railway stations, Hotels, Hospitals etc. The poster has been already designed; they just need help with printing.  The message is in English & Urdu.

For more information, and if you think you can support in any way their projects, please contact Abdul Aleem,  [email protected]