November 2013 Youth Group of The Month- Youth Partner CliMates

The Earth Charter International Secretariat would like to award the Youth Partner CliMates from France as the new Youth Group of the month of November 2013 !

Participants of the CliMates Regional Workshop: Latin America in Bogota, Colombia.

CliMates is a global student network researching and advocating for innovative solutions to climate change. It became an Earth Charter Youth Partner in 2012, and made another partnership with the Earth Charter in 2013 for the project COP in MyCity.

COP in MyCity is a worldwide youth mobilization project on climate change. It is also a community of youth organizations/groups in a large number of cities in the world committed to the success of international negotiations on climate change through local mobilization and education, and through international cultural dialogue.

The objectives of CliMates and COP in MyCity are the following:
Engage young people and encourage cross-generational dialogue on the issues of climate change and the UNFCCC process by “inviting” the COPs in each city;
Raise awareness on climate change and international negotiations during the next Conferences of the Parties (COPs): Warsaw in 2013, Latin America in 2014 and Paris in 2015;
Increase the pressure to reach a new, binding, global agreement on climate change at COP 21 in 2015. The international youth can and will contribute to this   outcome!

Through the partnership with Earth Charter International, COP in MyCity has added a new, ethical dimension.

Interested? Discover the new blog of COP in MyCity!

To know more about CliMates and COP in MyCity you can also visit the Facebook page, official website, and Wikispace page.

Contact at [email protected]

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