October 2013 Youth Group of the Month

Congratulations to our October 2013 Youth Group of the Month, Students for the Earth from the United Arab Emirates!

Students for the Earth (SFE), is an ECYG based in the UAE with a worldwide reach that was started in March 2013. They have organized and participated in environmental and social events and also conduct numerous events through their facebook page. Through their projects they aim to boost participation in environmental activities.

Discover some of the amazing projects of Students for the Earth:

1) Sfe-Nbn Iftar Event
SFE organized an Iftar Event for Labourers on 27th July, 2013. This event was celebrated on the eve of the 19th of Ramadan that is celebrated every year in UAE as Zayed Humanitarian Day to inspire and encourage humanitarian activities. They also planted four trees in the area. The event was featured in two main news dailies.

2) Eco Youth magazine
This Magazine consists of contributions from children and youth from all over the world.

3) Give a Ghaf Event
The Ghaf Tree is the national tree of the UAE. Only one out of 5,000 seeds survives in the wild. But when we treat them in a nursery, 70% of them survive. All the volunteers together collected about 5,000 seeds!

Interested? Check their achievement video, and their facebook page !

To know more about Students for the Earth you can also visit their official website, Wikispace page, and the ECYG Google Map.

Contact person: George Zacharia, [email protected]

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If you have any questions, please contact Marcello Hernandez, at [email protected]