Odyssey 2050, a climate change and environmental education film premieres in Costa Rica at the Franklin Chang Institute

Odyssey 2050, an educational film about climate change and the environment, premiered in Costa Rica to an audience of ministers, scientists, and more than 200 students from local schools. The film was a co-production of the British Embassy and Synchro Films, with support from Banco de Costa Rica.

Earth Charter International organized a film contest around Odyssee 2050’s content and concept and parts of the winning film from the contest were included in the main film. The Earth Charter was also mentioned several times by different youth groups in the film and clearly the collaboration between Earth Charter International and the film production team helped make more people aware of the Earth Charter and environmental challenges in a creative and meaningful way.

The film itself is partly animated and part live-action. It features an opening speech from former Costa Rican NASA astronaut Franklin Chang, in whose institute the premiere was held. The animated part of the film depicts aliens observing Earth and discussing the state of the planet and the challenges humans have created and now must face to solve environmental problems. Much of the film depicts two young Costa Rican men discussing these same challenges and sharing information with each other, much of it on YouTube, about the same issues.

The event was well-received by both officials and the students present.

For more information about the film and organization, visit the Wikipedia page.

You can also watch a short version here.