Okayama University organizes a webinar: “Creating the Future of Post-Coronavirus: The Earth Charter and SDGs”

On 1 September 2020, Okayama University, the Okayama Youth International Exchange Association (IYEO, Okayama Prefecture) and the Human Resources Development Institute organized a webinar called: “Creating the Future of Post-Coronavirus: The Earth Charter and SDGs”.

This webinar featured as speakers Okayama University Vice President Atsufumi Yokoi, who is in charge of this University’s international strategies, UNESCO Chair holder and Earth Charter International Council Member. Also Mirian Vilela, Executive Director of Earth Charter International, which is located at the UN Mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica.

About 80 people, including students and staff members, from Hokkaido to Okinawa participated in the webinar and actively exchanged in the conversation that emerged in this webinar. In his keynote speech, Vice President Yokoi explained the relationship between the Earth Charter and the SDGs, and the significance of the Earth Charter in the post coronavirus world and the realization of sustainability. He also talked about the activities that Okayama university does around the SDGs. Junior high school students and high school students participated in this webinar, and it was interesting to hear their comments on the kind of future they want to envision, and how to create shared value (CSV) from the perspective of the Earth.

In addition, Mirian Vilela, who participated through a video presentation, thanked the University for its activities to incorporate the Earth Charter values and principles and the SDGs at the university-wide level.
Okayama University and Earth Charter International signed an Agreement of Cooperation that will enable both institutions to actively promote efforts toward a more just, sustainable and peaceful world.

More information about this webinar here (in Japanese): https://www.okayama-u.ac.jp/tp/news/news_id9626.html