Online Activities organized by the Earth Charter Mexican Network

The Earth Charter Mexican Network organized a series of activities during the first three months of 2021 that brought together a diverse audience.

Seminar: “Synergies between the Mexican Constitution and The Earth Charter,”

This Seminar was organized on 5 February 2021, in the framework of the anniversary of the Constitution of Mexico.Mateo Castillo Ceja was the moderator. Around 150 people participated in the live event. The event was broadcasted in Facebook, it has had 1,900 views.
Find here the recording of this event.

Seminar: Love as a Path to the Sustainability of Being, through the Earth Charter

This event took place on 14 February 2021. Around 600 people participated and the recording has had more than 1,000 views. This was the program of this inspirational event:
– Welcome and guided meditation: Mateo Castillo
– Introduction: Jazmín Moreno
– Speakers: Angélica Araiza, Shafía Súcar y Cardiela Amezcua
– Cloud words activity: what values are needed to express love and strengthen the sustainability of being?
– Poem “About Love”: Rosy Cuadras
– Gratitude and Farewell: Mateo Castillo

The experience with these seminars was so enriching that the Earth Charter Mexican Network decided to create an Editorial Project, starting with two books, each one would bring essential messages of these seminars. Both books are in the process of being created.

Guided meditation around Earth Charter Pillar 1: Respect and Care for the Community of Life.

Find here the recording of this event.