Organizations in Chihuahua, Mexico, are embracing the Earth Charter

Thirty nine academic, social and governmental institutions from Chihuahua, Mexico, signed the Earth Charter at the Auditorium of La Salle University on February 12th this year.  The purpose of this endorsement is to generate moral commitment so that each organization will carry out sustainability actions towards the conservation and protection of natural resources. 

The Asociación de Maquiladoras y Exportadoras de Chihuahua A.C. with more than 70 associates, Cámara Nacional de Industria de Transformación de Chihuahua, Colegio de Bachilleres, five cities and four higher education institutions, are some of the organizations that signed in this occasion committing to the Earth Charter vision.  It is hoped that these organizations will now start using the Earth Charter as a reference and an educational instrument in their spheres of actions.