People from different sectors joined in Madrid to share Earth Charter experiences and structure an Iberian network

The First Iberian Earth Charter Meeting for Sustainable Development was successfully organized and sponsored by Fundación Valores in Spain and ASPEA in Portugal, both Earth Charter Affiliates in those countries. The meeting was held in Madrid 17-18 November 2007.


The goals of the meeting were to share experiences and take advantage of resources in common, develop strategies and objectives for the execution of plans of different community projects and to build an online network to be known as Iberian Earth Charter Network for Sustainable Development, which will serve as a space to share the development of all ongoing projects in the region.



With this in mind, four simultaneous groups on Society, Environment, Business and Education were formed to discuss these issues, of which the education group was the largest one with more than 100 people.


At the end of each day a professor from Lleida University and several of his students shared and had people participating in the activities developed by the ongoing project “Carta de la Tierra en Acción Motriz”. A beautiful experience of movement and values together!


More than 200 people attended the meeting and the Mr. Pérez Iriarte, Director General on Education, Professional Formation and Educational Innovation of the Ministry of Education and Science in Spain was present, as well as Mr. Mateo Castillo, member of Earth Charter International Council, Ms. María Novo from UNESCO and Special Advisor to the Earth Charter International, as well as several people from Brazil and Portugal, among others.