Peter Blaze Corcoran talks about the Earth Charter and intercultural education in Australia

Peter Blaze Corcoran, Earth Charter International Advisor,  attended the Unity Earth Melbourne Convergence, “Visions for Intercultural Education through Mungo”, at Victoria University in Victoria, Australia on November, 2019. Corcoran was privileged to give a talk entitled “An Earth Charter Vision for Intercultural Education: Radical Hope, Intergenerational Equity, and World-Affirming Spirituality”, in which he emphasized the ongoing relevance of the Earth Charter for addressing the challenges faced by contemporary education. Corcoran is assisting Unity Earth in adopting the Earth Charter as a guiding vision for their spiritual and environmental activism.Mungo man

The Convergence commemorated the two-year anniversary of the history-making Return to Country of Mungo Man, a ritually buried fifty-thousand-year-old ancestor, the oldest known ritual burial in the world. The meeting included 300 participants from many educational institutions, faith traditions, indigenous groups.

Melbourne Convergence 1Peter Blaze Corcoran, Earth Charter International Advisor, is a professor of environmental studies and environmental education and director of the Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education at Florida Gulf Coast University. He is editor of various publications featuring the Earth Charter.