Photography exhibition integrates the Earth Charter vision

The photography exhibition below titled “Earth, our home” was accomplished under a collaborative agreement between the University of Guadalajara, Mexico and the University of International Cooperation of Costa Rica and integrates the Earth Charter sustainability vision. The artists of this exhibition are the following photographers: 

Eduard Müller
, Costa Rica, founder and Rector of the University for International Cooperation (UCI). Hispanic Vice-president for Mesoamerica and the Caribbean of World Commission of Protected Areas of IUCN.  Lover of nature photography since childhood.  Member of the Photo Club of Costa Rica.

Jesús Moreno
, agronomist by training, teacher by conviction and nature photographer by passion, according to his own words. He was born in Mexico D.F. in 1962 and began to love nature at a young age but only as an observer and more recently as amateur photographer. With his images he is trying to contribute to the dissemination and preservation of the great biodiversity of his country. Further information about him her: http://www.portafolionline.es/jesusmoreno

Alejandro Rodríguez was born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1984. He did graduate work in biology, specializing in amphibians and reptiles. For many years photography caught his attention but it wasn’t until after a trip in 2008 that he decided to take it more seriously. One of his main objectives is to show a small part of the great Mexican biodiversity through the following website:   http://www.portafolionline.es/alexrodriguez