Planting Trees for Peace in Kenya

Two active members of the Earth Charter world are coming together in the Maai Mahiu Rift Valley of Kenya with a new initiative aimed at the long-term sustainability, peace, and security of the region. Green Cross Sweden, an Earth Charter Affiliate, is working in cooperation with Earth Charter Commissioner (and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate) Wangari Maathai’s Green Belt Movement to begin a process of reconciliation and environmental management among the peoples of the valley.

The Massai, herdsman, and the Kikuya, farmers, have been in conflict for decades – conflict heightened by competition for land and water after deforestation and over-grazing has led to a shortened annual rainfall. Through a succession of community dialogues, workshops, and seminars on environmental education and management, the Massai and Kikuya will come together to learn the basics of managing tree nurseries. Green Cross Sweden (the project coordinator, in cooperation with Green Cross Japan) and the Green Belt Movement are excited about this new project, which they hope can spread inspiration for mediating similar environmental conflicts around the world.

Read the project abstract here