Plastic Arts (paintings and sculptures)

The Ark of Hope
Sally Linder
United States

The Ark of Hope is a large wooden chest beautifully decorated with images of the planet’s cultural and biological diversity, and the Earth Charter is inscribed on papyrus parchment on the inside of its lid. The Ark is filled with prayers, poems, and images expressing the hopes and aspirations of thousands of people. Supporters of the Earth Charter in the United States walked the Ark of Hope from the State of Vermont to the United Nations in New York City where it was on exhibition.
To learn more, visit The Ark of Hope website.


Earth Charter Monument
Jonas Correa


Artist Jonas Correa, inspired by the Earth Charter, created an Earth Charter Monument. The Earth Charter Monument, located in Mato Grosso, Brazil, was unveiled at the 1998 Continental Conference of the Americas. In the center of this monument, a large statue of Earth is balanced on the trunk of a tree. Five children, representing the five continents, surround the tree. They are holding hands as a human chain to symbolize the protection and security of the planet. This monument intended to convey both the power and meaning of the Earth Charter, was presented to the public in a highly publicized ceremony. Through the statue, the Earth Charter’s message of the interconnectedness of humanity is powerfully conveyed.


Paintings of Graeme Payne
Graeme Payne


Australian artist Graeme Payne created an exhibition of sixteen paintings inspired by the principles of the Earth Charter. This series of moving images was originally created as a backdrop for the 3rd International Science, Philosophy and Theology Festival held in Grafton, Australia in 2003. When creating the exhibition, Payne worked to paint images that would truly move viewers and would summarize the Earth Charter in a comprehensive way. Although all of his images are strong in emotion, Payne states: “I didn’t want to project a feeling of total despair so I combined confronting paintings with more uplifting ones”.
The exhibition has been shown in numerous venues since the Festival and the response has been very favorable. According to Payne, the exhibition has truly succeeded in stimulating people to think more deeply about the Earth Charter.
To learn more, visit Graeme Payne website.


Guesmia, Mohamed – Algeria
Author: Mohamed Guesmia
Publisher: Magazine Caravane


The document includes illustrations by Algerian artist Mohamed Guesmia, also known as ‘Gues’, created for the Earth Charter article published in Caravane #4 (October 1999), newsletter of the Alliance for a Responsible and United World.


Llanto Verde
Lorena Priego Fonseca


“Llanto Verde” (Green Cry) is an itinerant exhibition of sixteen pictorial pieces of art inspired on the Earth Charter created by Lorena Priego, a Mexican architect and artist. Diversity of life and the Earth are part of this beautiful paintings with the purpose of propose and promote, through art, values and principles for the environmental protection.
One of the goals of the artist is to sensitize people regarding the accelerated damage that humans are causing to the Earth, for them to acquire a sense of respect to all life on Earth through the dissemination of the 16 principles established in the Earth Charter and Llanto Verde.


The Earth Charter Room
Sami Sunchild
United States


Sami Sunchild has designed this guest room in her hotel Red Victorian to inspire, amuse, relax or enliven her guests. The beautiful room with canopied bed designed for those who love our earth home and who want to help spread the Earth Charter.  
Lo learn more, visit The Earth Charter Room.