African Self-Liberation and New Narratives of Hope with Mamphela Ramphele and Nolita Mvunelo

African Self-Liberation and New Narratives of Hope with Mamphela Ramphele and Nolita Mvunelo

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Listen to this episode: Duration: 58 min.

Quick Overview

Almost thirty years after the end of apartheid, Black South Africans still fight for African liberation from colonial narratives. While previous generations struggled to end apartheid, younger generations now face the task of reimagining themselves, their communities, and the world. Mamphela Ramphele and Nolita Mvunelo discuss the need for intergenerational collaboration to combine the wisdom of older generations with the energy of younger ones. The need for social equity ties into the idea of ecological civilizations as an alternative to our current society. Ramphele and Mvunelo emphasize the need to consider freedom for all life, not just humans and see the Earth Charter as an opportunity to help build a new narrative for ecological civilizations.

Questions and Topics Addressed in this Episode

  1. What was the Black Consciousness Movement, and what is its main legacy?
  2. Nolita, how do you look back at history? How did you learn about it?
  3. Mamphela, can you give us a brief idea of the analysis you make in your book, Dreams, Betrayal and Hope, with regards to the state of the nation in South Africa. Can you share with us the key ideas you articulate in this book?
  4. In 2020, The African Chapter of the Club of Rome developed a paper called “Towards New Narratives of Hope for Fostering Transformative African Futures.” What are the key ideas in it, and the purpose of this paper?
  5. What does the African Liberation mean to you? And how can it be nurtured?
  6. What are the roadblocks and drivers to address the short comings of systemic transformation in Africa?
  7. Nolita, how do you envision the role of youth and intergenerational collaboration in helping trigger the necessary societal shifts?
  8. Can you discuss the “African Youth Liberating the Future” project you are working on, as well as the “Youth Leadership & Intergenerational Dialogues”?
  9. What is an Ecological Civilization for you?
  10. What do you think are the key elements (or essential ingredients) to help us move towards an ecological civilization?
  11. Is there a nexus between the ideas articulated in your book, Passion for Freedom, and the idea of ecological civilizations?
  12. Do you think the Earth Charter can serve as a basis or ethical foundation to help us move towards an ecological civilization?
  13. Should we envision ecological civilization as singular or plural civilizations? And why?

Mamphela Ramphele and Nolita Mvunelo

African Self-Liberation and New Narratives of Hope

Who are Mamphela Ramphele and Nolita Mvunelo?

Mamphela Ramphele is an activist, medical doctor, academic, businesswoman, and political thinker. She was a co-founder of the Black Consciousness Movement and Reimagine SA. She is a former managing director of the World Bank, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Town and is co-president of the Club of Rome. She has served on many boards and is a founding trustee of the Nelson Mandela Foundation. She has authored several books including A Passion for Freedom and Dreams, Betrayal and Hope and holds 23 honorary degrees.

Nolita Mvunelo is a speaker, leader, and strategist in designing social impact ventures.  She is a program manager for the Club of Rome and a co-lead of The 50 Percent, a global youth engagement program. She earned a chemical engineering degree at the University of Cape Town, where she was a Fellow with a network of female engineers and also led a social impact incubator. She is skilled in project management, community development, and for-profit and non-profit management.

This podcast is developed by Earth Charter International as part of our work as UNESCO Chair on Education for Sustainable Development with the Earth Charter.