Polythene free city campaign

The Centre for Environment Education (CEE India), based in Ahmedabad, India, organized a campaign against polythene with the theme “SANKALPA- for a polythene free city”, in collaboration with the Regional Science Centre, Kalpadroom Foundation, and others.  The event took place on January 1st, 2013 at the Regional Science Centre Khanapara.

This campaign was organized by CEE’s Paryavaran Mitra programme, and it follows Earth Charter principle 7a:  “Reduce, reuse and recycle the materials used in production and consumption systems, and ensure that residual waste can be assimilated by ecological systems”.

An exhibition called ‘Avtart’ was part of this campaign.  It showcased useful items made from waste materials. School students also sang in chorus about the harmful effects of polythene and enacted plays to drive home the message. A survey of 200 visitors was also done to assess the polythene usage.

Visit Paryavaran Mitra programme’s Web site to learn more about their sustainability actions in schools in India.