Practical Conference with the Earth Charter in Nayarit, Mexico

On March 28th, at the Installations of the Bahía de Banderas Technological Institute in Nayarit, Mexico, the Practical Conference with the Earth Charter was held with the objective of offering high school students and teachers on the area a fundamental and reflexive moment in the integrative development of people. On November 7th of 2006, 109 directors from the General Direction of Technological Higher Education, signed the commitment endorsing the international declaration of the Earth Charter, looking to accomplish a more human, peaceful, and sustainable academic community. This International Initiative is a network that strengthens human transformation through the following principles: (1) Respect and care for the community of life, (2) Ecological Integrity, (3) Social and Economic Justice, and (4) Democracy, non-violence, and peace as a central focus for the development of life´s sustainability in the planet.  

In the event´s presentation attendants were Prof. Carlos Rubén López Dado, Federal Delegate of Labor Secretary in Nayarit, Georgina Rodríguez Chief of the Department of Touristic Areas Liason in Nayarit, Eduardo Crespo Peña, Director of Environmental Planning for SEMARNAT representing Dr. Jaime Cuevas Tello, Secretary of Environment of Nayarit, Eng. Fernando Treviño Montemayor, focal point of the Earth Charter in Nayarit; the event´s leader M.C. Mateo Alfredo Castillo Ceja, ambassador of the International Initiative for the Earth Charter program and host Angélica Aguilar Beltrán, Director of the Bahía de Banderas Technological Institute.

Prof. Carlos Rubén López Dado, Federal Delegate of Labor Secretary in Nayarit was in charge of the Practical Conference´s inauguration, who recognized the importance of this event and also thanked the invitation extended by the Technological Institute.

M.C. Mateo Alfredo Castillo Ceja then initiated the conference with over 500 participants composed mainly of students and teachers from 16 middle and higher Education institutes on the región. During the exhibit, the speaker explained that civilization crisis and its variables present a great opportunity to rethink and understand the way how we treat each other and how we do things to establish our own life styles, and also declared the importance of internalizing principles and values to strengthen the process that allow sustainable development. In regards to the violence crisis that the country is suffering, he highlighted the importance of harmony and peace that must exist amongst all living things. 14 young people, men and women, read each one of the 16 Earth Charter principles in their four main focuses.

The Conference concluded with an emotional dance party and celebration of the hope of a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world.

All participants later followed a tour of the Bahía de Banderas Technological Institute where they visited and interacted in the Microbiology, Basic Sciences, Marine Zoology, Ecological, Botanical, and aquaculture laboratories, as well as all the other different modules on innovation and research development programs. Finally, students of Degree in Tourism and their teachers hosted an activity of trail walking, demonstrations in the Climbing Wall, and water activities as well as an important ceremony to thank Mother Earth for existing and for helping us enjoy her.