Preparing EC+10 celebration in Taiwan, Province of China

Taiwan Ecological Stewardship Association (TESA), Earth Charter Affiliate, has been working hard to prepare for next year’s celebration of the Earth Charter’s 10th anniversary.  They have been organizing a series of workshops for the general public, the topics are:

1. Ecological Philosophy
2. Nature Writing
3. Environmental Education
4. Green Economics
5. Permaculture
6. Ecofeminism.
7. Aldo Leopold: The Father of Ecological Conservation
8. E, F Schumacher: The Prophet of Sustainability
9. J. Baird Callicott: Beyond the Land Ethics
10. Holmes Rolston, III: The Father of Environmental Ethics
11. Paelapang Danapan: Indigenous Literature in Taiwan
12. From Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the Earth Charter

On Thursday 22 October 2009, TESA participated in the 2nd Golden Autumn Earth Day, which is a national Forum on Sustainable Living that took place in Taichung, central Taiwan. In this occasion, TESA announced the plans for EC+10, and invited participants to join the celebration. 

TESA has decided to organize the 3rd Golden Autumn Earth Day next year around the EC+10 activity at Taidong, eastern Taiwan, Province of China . This event will take place on 20-23 October 2010. The topic is Ancient Wisdom, Sustainable Futures.

For more information, contact TESA: [email protected]