Prof Peter Blaze Corcoran Meeting with Earth Charter Youth Activist Esther Agbarakwe in Nigeria

Professor Peter Blaze Corcoran, ECI Advisor, Meeting with Earth Charter Youth Activist Esther Agbarakwe in Nigeria

Wednesday 29th of April 2009 Lagos, Nigeria

Earth Charter youth network Nigeria is made up of entrepreneurial youth activists committed to promoting the Earth Charter and sustainable national development through various ways like youth action projects, workshops on the Earth Charter and volunteerism in own local communities.

Peter Blaze Corcoran is Professor of Environmental Studies and Environmental Education at Florida Gulf Coast University and Senior Fellow at University Leaders for a Sustainable Future. He is a past president of the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE), Above all Peter Blaze Corcoran was the Editor-in-chief of “The Earth Charter In Action“. He has just published a book titled “Young People, Education, and Sustainable Development” which was lunched in Nigeria.

On Wednesday 29th of April, I take a five hour bus drive to Lagos from Ilorin, north Central Nigeria to meet with Professor Peter Blaze Corcoran after receiving his email about meeting with Earth Charter youth Activists in Nigeria. The meeting was aimed at meeting Earth Charter youth activists in Nigeria to share experiences and discuss challenges and possible solutions. I went to the meeting because it was a great opportunity to meet a man who edited the most famous book on Sustainable Development and with great experiences to share and inspire. Accordinaing to him “Young people have enormous stake in the present future of the earth. Almost half of the human population is under the age of 24. If young people’s resources of energy, time and knowledge are misdirected towards violence, terrorism, socially-isolating technologies, and unsustainable consumption, civilization risks destabilization”

The meeting was very inspring and it afforded me the opportunity to hold for the first time the hard copy of  “The Earth Charter in action” book which was so lovely and I wish it was mine!! Well I do have the soft copy! The meeting ended with a Spanish food as dinner which was so nice and then I took a taxi back to my girl friends place where I shared my day’s experience and passed the night and hope for a better tomorrow.

Esther Agbarakwe
Youth Group Coordinator
Earth Charter Youth Group Calabar