Reasons to embrace the Earth Charter

Mr. Emmanuel Agyemang Badu of Ghana, the Earth Charter Youth Group Coordinator from ECYG The PIGOP, wrote an article on the need of using the Earth Charter as an ethical framework and as an inspiration to take action. Please read and leave your comments!

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I am writing this at the end of February 2010. It is almost March, an early spring, but it is still snowing here and it is still freezing cold sometimes. As I am getting prepared to move from London to Ghana, I have made some phone calls home to find out what the weather is like there, and I have been very surprised to hear, that it is actually raining during Hamatan, during the sunny season. I find it hard to believe. I am afraid that something even worse could be ahead if we do not do something about this. The world is changing from its natural state to an unpredictable dimension. We must act now -to protect our Precious Legacy.

It has been predicted that 2010 is on course to be the hottest year since 1860

More than 1,700 scientists signed a statement defending global warming research in December 10, 2009, as the London Met Office confirmed that the year 2010 could be the warmest year on record. A combination of a man-made global warming and El Nino Pacific current make it very likely that 2010 will be warmer than 2009 and the warmest year since 1860, said the London Met Office. The latest figures were unveiled after skeptics claimed that experts had manipulated evidence to support a theory of man-made climate change. Scientist at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen confirmed that the 2009 was expected to be the fifth warmest year on record. The London Met Office went even further saying: ‘The global temperature is forecast to be almost 0.6C above the 1961-90 long-term average.’ Researchers also gave a note of caution, warning that the record in a year 2010 was not a certainty, especially if El Nino declined or if there was a large volcanic eruption.

Meanwhile, billionaire George Soros unveiled plans to use 92 billion pounds sterling of international Monetary Fund money to provide immediate finance for poor countries to develop clean technology. ‘Soros’ proposal shows exactly the kind of ambition and urgency we need to see from rich governments themselves,’ said a spokes man from Oxfam. According to Soros; ‘It’s time for governments to stop side stepping climate finance and put their money where their mouth is.’

As the wealthier governments are going to support the poor ones, every one of us as individuals also should act, regardless of being rich or poor. This is our world, One World, One People, One Culture. We all must embrace the Mission and the Vision of the Earth Charter and endorse it as our way for happier life and for a sustainable future.

This world is on the verge of moving from its natural state to an unpredictable state, a state where the various seasons may be constantly changing and also where the weather forecasts may be trusted no more; because of the unpredictability of the environmental changes. Our actions, attitudes and activities are putting this beautiful planet in danger. We need to come together as one, with one accord and a common goal to safe this planet for the future generations. This is our world; this is where we live and where the generations after us will live. We should start to embrace and protect this precious and wonderful planet.