Recovery of the Heart book

“Recovery of the Heart, Dialogues with People Working towards a Sustainable Beijing” is the title of the most recent book by Stephanie B. Tansey, a longtime supporter of the Earth Charter and Director of the Earth Charter Communities Network (ECCN). With ECCN, she has promoted the Earth Charter message through local community groups in Turkmenistan, Israel, Nigeria, and now in China. According to her, the methodologies she uses are very effective to promote dialogue and foster communications skills.

This book introduces nine extraordinary Beijingers, both Chinese and American, their struggles, passions, and why Chinese wisdom and values are interconnected with a future, sustainable Beijing. It is written as a dialogue between the author and these Beijingers, but it is also one between Chinese and Western thought on humanity’s relationship with nature.

Some of the Beijingers in this book have used the Earth Charter in their work. For example, Mac Fan was one of the founders of the New School of Collaborative Learning, in China. This school used the Earth Charter as a tool for intercultural dialogue. Mac Fan explains his experience with the Earth Charter in detail.

The book suggests that dialogue from the heart, expressed publicly and privately, will create a tangible synergy, and is the way to build a sustainable society in Beijing.

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