Recycling and Solidarity Campaign in Peru #ChapaTuAyuda

Chapa tu ayuda Peru 3Rockea is an organization that aim at empowering youth in Peru since 2011. In 2018, in addition to joining the Earth Charter Global Network as an affiliated organization, they launched the #ChapaTuAyuda project, which aims to generate training opportunities in Solidarity, Recycling and Leadership.

#ChapaTuAyuda is a project based on recycling of plastic caps. The Higher Education Institute Cibertec us supporting this project, supporting students involvement in this volunteer program, and offering their facilities for training activities about #ChapaTuAyuda, Earth Charter and Rockea ©.

#ChapaTuAyuda is Solidarity. We continue working with patients affected by Butterfly Skin or Epidermolysis Bullosa disease, at the National Institute of Child Health, an institution that has been working on the subject for the last 23 years.

#ChapaTuAyuda is Leadership. Aware that many of our current problems are the product of the lack of training in community leadership, as well as the lack of tools for solving problems, we are working to start a cycle of training focused on community leaders in August 2019.

#ChapaTuAyuda is Education. We work with education institutions promoting awareness about waste management, to make people think in practical terms about how to minimize their impact on the ecosystem and how everything is related.

#ChapaTuAyuda campaign asks people to collect plastic caps with the purpose of recycling them and in turn, use them to help others, becoming a powerful tool for social transformation.

If you want to know more about #ChapaTuHelp communicate with:
Rodolfo Ponce De León [email protected]