Restore the Rule of Law in Pakistan

The following statement on Pakistan has been endorsed by those members of the Earth Charter International Council and by those ECI Advisors and staff members listed below.


The imposition of emergency rule in Pakistan by the government and the measures being taken to enforce emergency rule violate international human rights law and the ethical principles of the Earth Charter (see especially Principles 3, 13 and 16). Therefore, we join the call, widely supported throughout the world, for:


• an immediate end to the imposition of emergency rule in Pakistan and the restoration of the rule of law.

• a halt to the mass arrests of members of the legal profession, university professors and students, and other peaceful protestors, and the prompt release of those arrested under emergency rule provisions.

• an end to efforts to establish a new politically dependent judicial and legal system and the reestablishment of an independent judiciary in the High Courts of Pakistan and the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

• the restoration of democratic processes, including the holding of promised national elections.


We express our deepest sympathy to all those in Pakistan who have suffered under emergency rule. We urge the international community to work together with urgency to help restore the rule of law in Pakistan in support of the long-term best interests of the people of Pakistan.


We issue this statement in the spirit of the Earth Charter’s vision for building a just, sustainable and peaceful world.


Rick Clugston

Marianella Curi

Camila Argolo Godinho

Ron Engel

Lailai Li

Song Li

Alexander Likhotal

Brendan Mackey

Elizabeth May

Dumisoni Nyoni

Henrietta Rasmussen

Steven Rockefeller

Mohammed Sahnoun

Mary Evelyn Tucker

Mirian Vilela

Razeena Wagiet

Erna Witoelar

Lisa Panella

Lisa Öberg

Peter Blaze Corcoran

Kartikeya Sarabhai

Alide Roerink