Rick Clugston


Rick Clugston (United States) was Executive Director of the Center for Respect of Life and Environment in Washington D.C, from 1991-2008. There he directed a variety of initiatives, including the Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future (1997-2007); the Sustainable Universities Assessment and Evaluation Project (1996-2005); Theological Education to Meet the Environmental Challenge (1992-1999); Earth Charter USA (1996-2006); and the Soul of Agriculture Project (1994-2001).

Dr. Clugston participated in the Earth Charter drafting committee meetings and served on the Earth Charter International Steering Committee where he chaired the fundraising committee. He now serves on the Earth Charter International Council, and the boards of the Wolfe’s Neck Farm Foundation (Maine, USA) and the Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education (Florida, USA). Dr. Clugston is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Education for Sustainable Development (Sage Publications).

He was a cofounder of the Global Higher Education for Sustainability Partnership. Prior to coming to Washington, Dr. Clugston worked for the University of Minnesota for 11 years, first as a faculty member and later as a strategic planner. He received his doctorate in Higher Education from the University of Minnesota and his masters in Human Development from the University of Chicago.