Second e-GLO 2 session

The second e-GLO 2 session, Innovation, was held on Saturday Oct 3rd, 2009.

The minutes of the session can be reviewed here.

Read e-GLO participant Paola Delgado Luna’s report on the second session.

” The second session of the e-GLO2 was full of learning, positivism and fun. Different voices and faces around the world gathered with the hope to share and create. This time I joined early and at the correct time (getting better!).

The first thing we were encouraged to do was to share our homework. Great presentations colleagues! Some of us had the good initiative to present themselves, their community and involvement though a variety of actions. There were many pictures, experiences and smiles! I believe it was an excellent way to get started since the major strength of the group is the diversity of communities, passions and mind-sets. This leaded us to the main topic of the Session: Innovation.

Jaana talked about how important is to increase capacity for innovation in many different ways in order to develop new solutions in social, environmental and economical issues, as well as strategies to invite people to join the cause. One of the things I would like to highlight about the presentation is the necessity to empower the groups and increase the active participation of all the members. One single person can do extraordinary things but many can be willing to build greater impact and change. Imagination and Creativity are the main tools for sustainability leadership.

Despite a few difficulties with technology I believe we were all fascinated and amazed. Actually during the session we were introduced to the platform designer Ashie Shahenool Hirji from Heart In Action Enterprises. Thanks a lot for your presence!

We had some discussion and participation on relevant topics of sustainability. But in my opinion, the very best moment was when our friend Mike Sheenan showed to us how hip hop can be a fabulous instrument to express and communicate! It was incredible; he improvised and sang with great rhythm. You did our day Mike!

This session meant lot for me. New friends: your advices, inspiration and pure energy reloaded my battery.”

Irma Paola Delgado Luna
Mexican Paola, 23, is an active and passionate youth leader. Her main interested is to preserve the natural resources for present and future generations and due that she has studied Environmental Engineering. During her studies, she got involved in the promotion of the Earth Charter within the University of Guanajuato, spreading the experience to other Universities around the country. In the past, she has worked in the Ecology Institute of Guanajuato, promoting Sustainable Development Projects in the communities within the Natural Protected Areas. She is currently working with Environmental Education for the improvement of the Air Quality in the cities, and using the Earth Charter as the ethical framework for the Program. She is also working in the design of ecological houses. Her belief is that more than technological improvements, we need creation of a new values and principles. Paola also has a big interest in specializing in Renewable Energies, and wants to do a master’s in it.

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