Second e-GLO 3 session

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Report on Session 2:

Communicative Competence:

Social networking tools for youth leaders in creating a more just, sustainable and peaceful world

Tuesday, September 28th, 3pm GMT

“e-GLO 3 has been amazing so far. I’ve really enjoyed participating and learned a lot, and even met people who are friends with my friends around the world! It’s been inspiring hearing from other participants and watching the videos, and getting to share that inspiration.”
e-GLO 3 participant’s comment
through the online feedback form

The session consisted of the following components:

Minutes of the second session
Participant’s perspective


A two-minute video of yourself

Create a video of yourself answering the following questions and using the provided prompts.

The video must not be longer than 2 minutes, so keep your answers short and clear.

When you have finished creating your video, you must upload it to YouTube and link it to our Facebook e-GLO page to receive full credit for the assignment.

Deadline is October 10th.

Please answer the following questions in your video:

  • What is your name and where are you from?
    On video please answer the question “My name is … and I’m from …”
  • What are you interested in?
    Please answer the question on video starting with the words “I’m interested in…”
  • What do you want to learn?
    Please answer the question on video starting with the words “I want to learn…”
  • What are your hopes for the future?
    Please answer the question on video starting with the words “I hope in the future…”
  • What does the Earth Charter mean to you?
    Please answer the question on video starting with the words “The Earth Charter is…”
  • Closing.
    Throw up a peace sign and say “peace” in any language you like. Smile and pause for 5-10 seconds.

Tips: Check for working clear volume + backdrop.
* pause between each question, look at the camera, and smile if appropriate.
Please retain the video and don’t discard it as we may ask you to send us your files directly later in the course.

In case you do not have / cannot borrow a digital camera that can record videos, please email Mike and Jaana and we will forward you instructions for an alternative homework assignment.

e-GLO 3
2nd Session Experience

e-GLO 3’s second session was both educational and entertaining. It was great seeing everybody for the second time, all from different countries and cultures. The positive energy I feel on this platform is beyond what words can express!

We started off by reviewing last sessions’ homework which was posting 3 photos that show one’s background, answering a couple of questions about EC and watching two videos. Quite amusing, right? Some of the participants volunteered and presented their pictures. Behind each photo shared there was a great story. Then, Demi Smoloktou from the Earth Charter International secretariat showed us briefs of everyone’s HW answers. It was almost hard to believe that we are not all living in the same country because so many of our answers were alike! We were all aiming at the same goals, dreaming of the same future!

Jaana Laitinen spoke about Youth Sustainability Leadership and youth’s importance as well as their role in solving the global problems we’re now facing. Specifically she emphasized that today’s young generation has tools the previous generations did not have, such as: technology and the internet. The presentation also mentioned that for sustainable development to occur a partnership between youth and adults should be made. The presentation wasn’t just that, we also discussed ethics and universal responsibility. In addition to that, the ability to share our thoughts through the text/chat box, which was extremely thrilling. I was not only expressing my opinion but also seeing other’s responses, engaging in an active dialogue.
Despite the difficulties I had with the internet connection, I managed to see half of KK’s amazing presentation. I loved his photography and how each photo had a message behind it.  He spoke about one’s online identity, and how important it is to document everything “online” and how we should use the tools we have, to empower our projects. He also advised us to start from where others stopped, and avoid starting from scratch.
And what was almost it, but of course I can’t end this without mentioning Mike Sheehan’s UNBELIEVABLE EPIC FREESTYLING! Music is one way to interact with others and send one’s message, and that is exactly what Mike proved, it was truly creative and original. We were all blown away by him, and that for sure drew a smile on our faces 🙂

And of course special thanks goes to e-GLO 3’s support team and those behind the scenes, without them we wouldn’t have connected that effectively!