Seventh e-GLO 2 session

The seventh e-GLO 2 session, Tutoring Session with e-GLO Graduates and Earth Charter Representatives, was held on Saturday Dec 12th, 2009.

The minutes of the session can be reviewed here.

e-GLO participant Shopeju Zaid-Abiodun’s report on the seventh session:

“Though I experienced bad connection and find it hard to connect to the seminar room on time and hardly can I hear what was been said, but I was able to learn and understand what was been discussed through individual posts and chat board. All the same the session was one to remember for a long time to come as it inspires us all.

The presentation made by the Executive Director of the Earth Charter International Secretariat, Mirian was inspiring and stimulating. We were happy to hear her talk as the presentation was very interactive and interesting. There was no hold bar as we were all asking her questions and making our comments.

Dominic Stucker started by is presentation on VISIONING AND SYSTEMS THINKING by quoting the Earth Charter’s “Let ours be a time remembered for the awakening of a new reverence for life, the firm resolve to achieve sustainability, the quickening of the struggle for justice and peace, and the joyful celebration of life”.

He went further to explain the concept of VISIONING. He later asked Diego and Paola to share their vision on how they can contribute and impact their communities. They both shared their interesting and inspiring visions with everyone. In addition, we carried out a visioning exercise for 35 minutes. We where encouraged to be bold and envisage the world we want without any restrictions. We were provided pods on the seminar platform to state our vision in not more than one or two paragraphs and share it with one or three persons; explaining how our project will help bring about the world we envisaged. Tips on visioning were given to better help us envisage the sustainable world we all want.

Further, Dominic went on to discuss the processes of Systems Thinking by delving into the 14 principles of Systems Thinking. Like the Get the beat, Listen to the wisdom of the system, Expose your mental models to the open air, Stay Humble, Stay a Learner among others. The fourth principle “STAY HUMBLE, STAY A LEARNER” struck a cord with me. It opens my eyes to the importance of humility and personal development in this field of youth sustainable development and advocacy. Jaana also express her agreement with the principle. The presentation was an eye-opener and thought provoking; challenging one and all to rethink our thinking process.

Consequentially, we proceeded into another breakout session on Systems Thinking for 35 minutes where we discussed and gain insights into how the systems thinking could help the potential success of our projects; analysing the 10-12, 6, 8, 3-4 processes. Dominic also asked us to share in group of three persons how the dance steps could be related to our project. Dominic disseminated information on the video and widget on the climate interactive website. Finally, he encouraged e-GLO 2 participants to apply for the Sustainability Institute Leadership program fellowship.

In the words of Putri “…inspiring and applicable”.

Who is he? Zaid Shopeju is a political scientist, youth advocate, climate change campaigner and sustainable development strategist.
What is he doing? He is the initiator/founder of Youth Vision Alliance Network (YVAN). YVAN has carried out series of youth development and training programmes in a creative way. His vision is to inspire, empower, train and equip youth with sustainable leadership skills and help them becoming effective change agents.
If he would have ‘superpowers’…he will help bring out the leadership potentials of every youth.
A favourite quote: “If you want to go FAST go alone, if you want to go FAR go with the people”

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