Seventh e-GLO 3 session

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Report on Session 7:

Open House
Global multimedia, online event to celebrate the success of e-GLO 3

Tuesday, December 7th, 3pm GMT

“Tremendous open house get together with the e-GLO 3 community! A great pleasure meeting e-GLO 3 participants!! All the best to you folks!! Hey thank you so much Mike, Jaana, Douglas for encouraging us along this e-GLO 3 journey! A walk to remember and passionately build upon what you’ve imparted on us! This was absolutely an amazing experience for me because at first i frankly felt like ‘a fish out of water’ with the platform, the videos – name it! You also successfully challenged us too during this period & yet made us feel comfortable however the journey doesn’t end with the course ending…its now the gleam of dawn shining ever brighter until the full day light for all of us!”
e-GLO 3 alumni on Facebook group

The final session of e-GLO 3, Open House, brought together participants, their friends and family and e-GLO partners to celebrate the graduation of the 14-week-long course.

The session consisted of the following components:

  • Speech by Ashie S. Hirji Director CEO, Heart In Action Enterprises
  • Reviewing the final homework
  • Reviewing the Project Plans
  • Speech by Margreet Van Der Pijl, project coordinator, 1%CLUB 
  • Live testimonials
  • Participant Feedback
  • Alicia Jimenez, Project Coordinator, ECI sec
  • Certificates by Jaana and Mike

Musical performances:

Congratulations for e-GLO 3 graduates:
Jose Humberto Paez Fernandez of Costa Rica, Michael Trevett of UK, Nour Kamel of Egypt, Sogdiana Baykaraeva of Uzbekistan, Sujan Kumar Saha of Denmark & Bangladesh, Urpiana Koklonis of Venezuela, Vanja Varga of Croatia, Alex Moreno of Mexico, Amanda Bancroft of USA, Grace Ann Apita of Uganda, Tha Scouter of Peru, Pham Thuy Duong of Vietnam, Darline Symphonie Ntankeu Yepmou of Cameroon, Godfred Nana Asiedu Opoku of Ghana and Hadijah Nankanja of Uganda.

“Nice final open house, great to see everyone and community growing, looking forward to connecting with more of the participants.”

e-GLO 2 alumni

“Great session today! Congrats e-GLO! Let’s make it happen!”

e-GLO 3 alumni