SGI-Perú, UNMSM and Earth Charter Peru organized a one week event to celebrate Earth Day

Soka Gakkai International of Peru (SGI-Peru) jointly with the National Major University of San Marcos(UNMSM) and the support of Earth Charter Peru, opened a week of Earth Day commemorative events.

The event was inaugurated on April 22 at 6pm at SGI headquarters in Peru by the Rector of the UNMSM, doctor Luis Izquierdo Vásquez.  Doctor Fernando Quevedo Ganoza, main professor of the UNMSM, delivered a keynote speech titled “Earth Day”.  He actively participated in the Rio Summit in 1992 at the Secretariat preparing some important documents.

There was an open dialogue with students within the conceptual framework of the fact that the solution of the Earth’s crisis “Starts with One”.  After this, the video “A Quiet Revolution” was shown. This video was produced by the Earth Council specially for the Sustainable Development World Summit.  It is about the actions that some world citizens carry out in the use of natural resources.  Inspirational examples of these proactive actions are shown in the film.   SGI, in agreement with the objectives of this film, collaborated in its production.

They also had the opening of the “Seeds of change: The Earth Charter and human potential” exhibition so that people, national authorities, professors and students and general public could enjoy and awaken the individual interest for the environmental problems and understand that they should be a personal concern.  Also realize that the Earth Charter and our own will are the tools that are in our power to take action.

Students from SGI Peru, voluntarily concentrated in a group called SEADS, carried out educational workshops about “Let’s take care of our biodiversity”, “Water care” and “Recycling”, among others.

Students and general public attended the event from 9am to 8 pm and it was completely free.  More than 2,700 people attended the exhibition and the workshops in the days of the event.