Share your story!

Share your story!

At the Earth Charter International Secretariat we are interested to know the experience of young people around the world that are using the Earth Charter in their schools, universities, jobs and communities, to implement projects to build a more sustainable society.

Please share your story with us!

You can summit a video telling your commitment with the EC and we will share it with our worldwide network, providing you the opportunity to be heard by thousands of people who can get inspired by you and follow your example.

To share your story, you only need to:
1) Record a 2-3 minutes video with any type of camera that you have.
2) Answer and comment the following questions on the video (you can tell anything else that you think is relevant for your story):
– General information: Name, age, country
– How did you know about the Earth Charter?
– Which has been the impact of the Earth Charter in your life?
– What activities have you done or are you doing to communicate and implement the Earth Charter
– Final message for youth on their role on sustainable development

Send your video to Marcello Hernández, EC Youth Coordinator: [email protected] If the video is too big, please share it with us using Dropbox (www.dropbox.com) or Wetransfer (www.wetransfer.com)