Singing for the Charter

Singer/songwriter Joyce Johnson Rouse is alerting audiences to the Earth Charter, and teaching about environmental ethics, by touring and performing at conferences, colleges, churches, and environmental centers.


Her style includes Dixieland, jazz, calypso, and audience sing-a-longs. Her music was once labeled “organic-eco-folk-rap-world-cabaret” style. And she also mixes in some humor and environmental science. She plays piano and ukelele, and sings “Ode to Water,” “The Same Air,” “Enough Is As Good As a Feast,” and “The Green Blues.”


She makes 30 to 35 appearances a year to perform her music, and also writes educational material for teachers and contributes to the Earth Charter Initiative. Joyce’s original music has been used extensively by educators and by international and environmental and peace organizations, such as the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, UNESCO, and Earth Charter.


Her first album of family music, Earth Mama, was a finalist for the Nammies, a prestigious Nashville Music Award. With over 90 writer credits on recordings to her name, Rouse’s songs have been recorded by pop and country music artists, featured in movies and ads, and used as theme songs for a number of events including national celebrations.


Rouse’s latest recording is entitled “Magnificent Healing.” To find out more, visit http://www.EarthMama.org.