Sixth e-GLO 2 session

 The sixth e-GLO 2 session, Fundraising for Sustainable Action Projects inspired by the Earth Charter, was held on Saturday Nov 28th, 2009.

The minutes of the session can be reviewed here.

e-GLO participant Iala Queiroz’s report on the sixth session:

‘This is a time of crisis for international development cooperation. The conditions for many areas of cooperation have changed, especially since the end of the Cold war. Cooperation between rich and poor countries has acquired a new meaning for both parties. The forms of cooperation have changed character. This applies to both bilateral and multilateral cooperation, and it also applies to the roles of NGOs in both North and South.’
John Degnbol-Martinussen and Poul Engerg-Perdersen.

During these times of crisis it is challenging to maintain the cooperation among the countries and organizations that work in the international field. Therefore it is important that we have an opportunity to study and learn with people that believe in a new strategy of changing the way to work; to learn together in a programme that is developed for helping the humanity in its problems with poverty, diseases, environment, human rights, gender issues and racism.

We know that small projects are sometimes insufficient approach to the complicated challenges, but yet they are able to change our way to thinking and acting. e-GLO is guiding us towards this transformation.

Session 6’s theme was ‘Fundraising for Sustainable Action Projects’ presented by Professor Jürgen Carls. We talked about of the potentials and different types of donors and we learned how there are different characteristics also in funding types, such as loans and donations. In Professor Carls’ presentation we could read that the word “donor” means “giving away”. Professor’s presentation was specifically addressed to the projects with young leaders.

Many questions were being raised by the participants, for example, what to do when the proposal gets rejected? The session was very important because we were able to change information related to our project ideas and types of funding. Now we feel empowered to send our projects proposals to different donor institutions. Let’s start to work with these new projects!”

Iala Queiroz
of Brazil

Who is she?
Iala is from Salvador-Bahia, Brazil. She graduated in International Relations and is specialist in Environmental Education. She has been working in human rights and environment since 1997, developing projects in local communities. She volunteered in the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for pre-university introductory courses as a Geography Teacher in poor communities.

What is she doing? She is coordinating school Agenda 21 and a project called ‘Itinerant Training for Environmental Citizenship’ by Diversity Institute. She is a popular educator and she is very proud of this.
If she would have ‘superpowers’… She would like that everyone would fell the God’s presence in their lives.
A favorite quote: “The highest type of love of a single individual will be sufficient to neutralize the hate of millions.” Gandhi.

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