Social Innovators workshop showcases the Earth Charter

On June 16th, the HUB hosted the 16Leaders social innovators workshop in Holland meeting to bring together young leaders from business, government, and large and small organizations to discuss sustainability issues. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce these young leaders to the Earth Charter and to the New Earth Leaders program.

The meeting was opened by former Dutch Prime Minister and Earth Charter Commissioner Ruud Lubbers. In his opening remarks, he expressed the importance of non-governmental social movements and emphasized the involvement of the private sector.

After Mr. Lubbers’ statement, the meeting continued with an exploration of sustainable leadership using the Earth Charter principles. The workshop split the participants in the four groups and they each discussed different aspects of the Charter and came up with different Earth Charter inspired ideas. The results were varied, but all positive. One group emerged with a concrete idea about protecting the Brazilian rainforest, while another produced a much more abstract vision of interconnectedness and awareness of the world.

Following the presentation of the group discussions, the New Earth Leadership program was introduced. The New Earth Leaders program is a leadership and organizational development program in which young professionals use the Earth Charter as an ethical framework for solving sustainable business cases and explore the possibilities of young professionals to further sustainable change in their specific business environment.

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