Steven Rockefeller is stepping down as co-chair of the ECI Council

Following Earth Charter International Council meetings held in November and December 2010, Steven Rockefeller, who is stepping down as co-chair of the ECI Council, made the following announcement: 

“At its recent meetings, the Earth Charter International Council elected Ruud Lubbers and Erna Witoelar, who are both members of the Earth Charter Commission, to serve as Honorary Co-chairs of the Earth Charter International Council.  In addition, Brendan Mackey, Razeena Omar and Alide Roerink were elected to serve as Co-chairs of the ECI Council for 2011.  The members of the ECI Council deeply appreciate the willingness of Ruud Lubbers and Erna Witoelar to serve as Honorary Co-chairs.  I wish the new leadership of the Council great success as we enter the second decade since the launch of the Earth Charter.”

All those involved in the Earth Charter Initiative deeply appreciate the unique support and guidance received from Mr. Rockefeller for many years.