Implicate+, educators in action

Implicate + is a group of educators from Catalunya who are generating innovative proposals to work with the Earth Charter in the classroom.

The group is made up of 40 teachers from different subjects, from 20 institutes located in Lleida, Spain. They love to work in groups, and generate teaching materials and proposals to work on the values ​​of the Earth Charter in a transversal way. To reach beyond Lleida, they publish their materials online and share them with the Department of Education of Catalunya, so that they can be widely distributed. All materials are free access.

This story is narrated by Maria del Mar Lluelles Perera and Jordi Farrando Canals, professors at the Caparrella Institute in Lleida, Spain. María del Mar coordinates this group, and is an Earth Charter Educator, since she is a former student of the Certificate in Education for Sustainable Development of the Earth Charter Education Center.

You can find more information in Catalan here and in this article in Spanish.