Study environment and peace in the Middle East

The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, located on Kibbutz Ketura on the Israeli-Jordanian border, is the premier environmental teaching and research program in the Middle East, preparing future Arab and Jewish leaders to cooperatively solve the region’s environmental challenges. The student body is made up of 2/3 Middle Eastern students and the rest from around the world. The Institute, which has both undergraduate and graduate programs accredited by Ben-Gurion University, is looking for students for this Summer (June 28, 2009 – July 24, 2009) and Fall (Oct 14, 2009 – Jan. 29, 2010) and next Spring (Feb. 21, 2010 – June 25, 2010).

For more information go to www.arava.org or contact Rabbi Michael M. Cohen at [email protected]  or (802) 362-2432.