Support is needed for Flood Victims in Pakistan

The help is urgently needed in Pakistan that is facing the worst flooding in 80 years. Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani has stated that 20 million people had been displaced by the disaster. Millions are still trying to survive without clean water, food and shelter.

Earth Charter Youth Group (ECYG) in Pakistan is looking for support for their efforts in helping the flood victims. The youth group aims to help 1100 internally displaced persons in Lodhran, Punjab by providing food and medicine.

Rafique Research & Educational ECYG can be supported through Dutch organization called 1%CLUB. 1%CLUB is partnering with the Earth Charter International and has created a platform that is specifically designed for the Earth Charter Youth Groups to display their project plans and seek for support. Donations for the Earth Charter inspired actions projects can be done safely online with a credit card.  Please donate here. 

Rafique Research & Educational ECYG has been affiliated with the Earth Charter Initiative since spring 2010 and has actively promoted the declaration for more sustainable future in their city.

Read more about this urgent need to support the Pakistani ECYG and their project proposal called “Food and Medicine to the Flood Victims Pakistan” here.