"Sustaining Life on Earth: Environmental and Human Health through Global Governance"

This book by Colin Soskolne, contains 27 chapters, sorted into eight parts that represent a broad range of perspectives and experiences focused on the many dimensions of human-environment interaction. Part I brings together government with ecology and economy as support for human well-being.  Part II addresses globalization and its impact on the human condition and human rights. Part III looks at governance alternatives. Part IV examines treaties and covenants and sets forth the Earth Charter, the adoption of which will move mankind towards sustainability and peace. Part V itself is divided into four parts, offering far-raging discussion of ideology and insights related to alternative governance, with emphasis on the Kyoto Protocol and failures to fulfill it, on access to food and water, on social forces, and on the culture environment.


Many chapters of “Sustaining Life on Earth” emphasize that we are suffering the consequences of relying on failed technical rather than untried social approaches. The two intertwined themes of the book are “duty” and “ecological integrity”. The book extols an approach to ecological integrity based on natural ethics, moral responsibility, and a global ethic – The Earth Charter.


Colin Soskolne’s preface identifies the objective of changing our past irrational behavior, recognizing and fulfilling “our duty to protect Earth’s capacity to sustain life”. He emphasizes the Earth Charter which becomes foundational for the book. The link for ordering the book directly from the publisher is: