Tbilisi+35 Environmental Education conference declaration highlights the Earth Charter

More than 300 delegates, more than 60 Ministers and vice-Ministers, and representatives from 104 countries met in Tbilisi, Georgia 35 years after the first environmental education conference to discuss ongoing environmental education challenges and opportunities. The conference also commemorated the original Tbilisi environmental education declaration of 1977. This time around, the conference participants produced another statement, this one called “Tbilisi Communique: Educate Today for a Sustainable Future“. The document explicitly mentions the Earth Charter in paragraph 13:

“COMMEND practices of continuous monitoring, re-assessment and revision of education so that it is a lifelong, holistic and inclusive learning process delivering its purpose beyond mere knowledge acquisition and enhancing values and ethics, creating new patterns of behaviours and lifestyles in line with the core intent of the 1977 Tbilisi Declaration and the principles of the Earth Charter.

Learn more at the official conference Web site.