Teachers plan to use the Earth Charter in their school

On 31 March 2014, and following its commitment to promote capacity building with educators, the EC Center for ESD offered a workshop for teachers from CEUNA School. This school, located in Heredia, Costa Rica, is well-known for its strong commitment to practice sustainability. During the 1990s, CEUNA participated in the Earth Charter consultation process, and since then, they have a special connection with the Earth Charter.

In order to support its commitment to incorporate the Earth Charter principles in their curricula, CEUNA invited the Earth Charter Center for ESD to offer a workshop to deepen understanding about the Earth Charter, and share educational resources. Almost all the teachers of this school participated in this workshop, so there were science, math, grammar, music, arts, and kindergarten teachers all sharing ideas of how they could use the Earth Charter in their teaching.

They also discussed their annual school festival, which CEUNA decided to organize around the principles of the Earth Charter.